Choosing The Best Vacuum For a Hardwood Floor: A Buyer’s Guide

At The Floor Executives, we believe that the kind of flooring at your home will affect the choice that you’ll make when selecting the right cleaning unit. You need to consider the kind of floor that you intend to clean before purchasing a vacuum cleaner.

hardwood-floorHardwood floors are increasingly becoming popular. They add an exclusively classy nature to a well-structured home. Also, they’re more durable than other floors. But, cleaning hardwood floors can be quite challenging.

It isn’t as simple as having a go at the vacuum cleaner.

Pet hair shows up more visibly on hardwood floors. Also, it blows around on such flooring, finding its way under furniture and into corners.

Hardwood requires lots of suction power. Most vacuums may clean the surface dirt and hair. But, only good vacuums will pull the ground-in hair and dirt from between the floorboards.

Selecting The Best

Getting the best hardwood floor vacuum is paramount, especially if you intend to retain the glow and shine of your wood for many years to come. This guide gives an insight on what to consider when purchasing a hardwood floor vacuum cleaner. It’ll enable you to figure out precisely what you’re seeking in the vacuum that you intend to purchase.

Why Use a Vacuum For Hardwood?

  • It’s a breeze to clean any dirt, dust, and spillage with a vacuum
  • Vacuum cleaners are portable
  • Vacuums are much easier to clean and maintain
  • Most vacuum cleaners come along with handy accessories such as crevice tools, squeegees, and motorized brushes
  • They get the task done quicker

Types of Vacuums

I. Upright

Upright vacuum cleaners are relatively more affordable and efficient at cleaning hardwood floors. However, most of them are somewhat bulkier. That makes them hard to move or maneuver.

II. Stick

Stick vacuums are incredibly lightweight. They’re ideal for cleaning limited space areas like cabinets and under the furniture.

III. Canister

They’re portable and lightweight cleaners. Maneuvering and operating canister vacuums is a cinch. A canister vacuum is worth considering if you intend to clean stairs, under the cabinets and furniture. They are the perfect type of vacuum for wood floors due to their innate qualities. You can learn more about how to find a great canister vacuum cleaner here:

IV. Bagless Cleaners

Bagless vacuums come integrated with inbuilt bins, unlike the other kinds that are associated with disposable bags. They’re a winner when it comes down to dirt collection.

But, emptying and cleaning up the bins can prove to a tiresome chore. Dirt and dust can cling to the surface, too.

Factors Worth Consideration

1. Suction Strength

It’s a property that you must consider before purchasing any vacuum cleaner and not just hardwood floor vacuums.

What type of dirt do you intend to clean? Do you plan to clean up pet hair? You need a strong vacuum that can deal with dirt of all sizes and shapes.

If you are a pet owner, you can learn more about vacuums made for pet hair in this article:

2. Wheels

The cleaner’s wheel track will matter a lot, especially for hardwood flooring. You wouldn’t want cheap, plastic wheels that could damage your floor. It’s recommendable that you seek a vacuum that has a padded track.

If you opt for plastic ones, look for a unit whose wheels have rounded edges. Cheap vacuums come with wheels that fall off after some time. Spend that extra buck for quality wheels!

3. Battery and Run-time

In case you opt for a cordless unit, ascertain that its run-time is long enough to get the job done. Also, compare the run-time with the duration it’d take to recharge the battery. Look for an energy-efficient cleaner, especially if you’ve got a large hardwood floor space.

4. Safety

Most industrial vacuums come with rubber attachments and wheels that could scratch and damage your hardwood floor. It’d only be wise to get a package with powerful suction that treads lightly on the floor. Higher-end models tend to have nicer parts, like natural brush bristles and soft-rubberized wheels.

5. Warranty

Purchase a vacuum cleaner with a longer warranty package. Warranty is a reflection on the vacuum’s quality. It’s among the crucial factors that help assess whether or not a particular vacuum is worth buying.

6. Price

It’s yet another reasonable factor that gives insight on a vacuum cleaner’s quality. However, keep in mind that there are budget-friendly hardwood floor cleaners that don’t compromise on quality. Simply put, ensure that the unit is worth the price before purchasing it.

Additional Tips

You need a hardwood vacuum cleaner that will serve your needs efficiently, right? Then, you’ll want to follow these tips:

  • Pick a brush-less vacuum or one that bears a brush-roll off switch. You might scratch or damage your hardwood floor by using a brush to scrub it.
  • Choose a model that has strong, reliable filters. In case you or someone else in your household is suffering from allergies, opt for a cleaner that has HEPA filters. HEPA filters are popular due to their high particle filtration levels.
  • Pick a model that has a powerful motor because hardwood floor vacuums are hugely reliant on suction strength.
  • It’d be wise to choose a unit which has a lasting bin. Although it might require frequent cleaning, such a model needs minimal maintenance. It’ll save you a significant deal of money.
  • Extra accessories like nozzles and crevice tools will enable you to clean difficult-to-reach areas like edges and corners.

That Classic Look Need Extra Care

Unlike other kinds of floors, hardwood needs to be frequently tended to. You’ve spent a significant amount to get the hardwood floor installed. Similarly, you’ll need to adopt the best means to keep that flooring intact.

What You’ll Want to Avoid

Conventional vacuums are designed to remove dirt, dust, and allergens around the home. But, avoid using the ordinary household vacuum to keep the hardwood floor sparkly.

Read Through Those Reviews

A perfect way to evaluate the options you’ve got at hand is checking out reviews from other customers. You can read through real customer feedback on online retail websites like


We love hardwood floors. Cleaning up a hardwood floor should be simple, effective, and safe. This is why it’s so important to have a top notch hardwood vacuum to achieve that.

Quality hardwood cleaners offer considerable power and efficiency when it comes down to time and results. We advise that you read through this guide again. By taking all of the above points into consideration, you’ll be able to pick a hardwood vacuum cleaner that suits your personal preferences. Visit to see some of our top hardwood vacuum cleaner recommendations.

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